Thursday, January 13, 2011

Writing letters

I've been thinking a lot about lettering lately. I am currently working on an illustrated alphabet series with a little bit of letters here a little bit of snarky animals there. I'm currently working on getting the animals just right but what about the alphabet itself? I've never really done a alphabet before. There is so many lettering inspirations around me everyday (I'm married to a sign painter, so I'm not kidding here). So my question is, where will I go with this? Simple or super detailed? Quiet or loud? Huge or very, very tiny...I'm not sure yet but I've been having fun doing my research.

Here are some of the type artists that are turning me on right now:

Here is a few from Jessica Hische. I really love wonderfully illustrated type, she is such an inspiration for me...Check out here website for much more.
Buttermilk Font by Jessica Hische
Mother Nature Daddy by Jessica Hische
Amazing Alphabet by Jessica Hische

I love Seb Lester's work too. His lettering has such movement and style. There is so much beauty in each of his swirls...Check out more on his website.

London Rocks by Seb Lester

Keep it Simple by Seb Lester

Stars by Seb Lester

Here is a few from Tauba Auerbach. I love her work, it seems almost alive, like it's still growing and organic. It is amazing that it is all hand drawn. Wanna see more? Check out her website. I will note that she started out as a sign painter for my husbands shop and it has been amazing watching her career grow. If you ever get the opportunity to look at her work up close, do it. It will amaze you.

The Letter F by Tauba Auerbach

Yes and No and or Yes and No by Tauba Auerbach

The letter I by Tauba Auerbach

What are you favorite artists that work with typography? What do you love about them? Do think they get enough respect in the art world or are they still considered just designers? Any thoughts?


daemonsquire said...

Aw, I'm sorry you missed Carl Rohrs' SF History Center, Book Arts & Special Collections' Holiday Lecture. He basically compiled a slide show of work from a lot of the people who've inspired his lettering designs. You can prob'ly find some examples Googling the names mentioned in the link above.

bluehour said...

I will definitely look him up. I love learning the history of these styles.

Kathryn said...

Who'da thought letters could be so lovely! At first I thought you meant "letter writing", but you meant 'letter' writing. Darn! I could use some nice letters. "Letter writing" is a lost art.

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