Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Meetup Goals are here!

Dancer by Eadweard J. Muybridg
 August has been another crazy month but a good one, filled with deep thinking and some big changes.
The biggest thing being, I changed the medium that I had been doing my paintings in. I had been using oil to do my work and I was thinning it down with a lot of mineral spirits which was leading to a stinky house and headaches. This was not good....So I am now doing my work in watercolor and gouache. This is great. The   paintings feel a bit lighter and my drawings shine through instead of being covered up with paint. I'm finding it easier to work this way and I am able to create more details in my work. I will admit, it is a bit of an adjustment but I think medium change was a epiphany that needed to happen. And I am glad it happened now instead of 6 months from now.

Saying this, I'm still working (and reworking) the paintings I was working on last month but they are coming along and I must say it "just feels right".

So what else did I figure out in August?

My August Goals:

  1. I started a mini book...yay! I'm pretty excited about it. You can read about it in the post below. 
  2. I joined The Creative Empire in August and it has been amazing. It is a wonderful group of creative people building their businesses and their dreams. There is so much great info posted on the site, and the people on it are really smart, inspiring and cool. The group is set up in a clever forum format which is super comfortable to participate in. There is a low monthly fee but it is totally worth it. I highly recommend it.
  3. I reworked the look of my blog. I think it looks so much better and I added a portfolio page.  
  4. I did background for Twitter which is simple and fun..
  5. I started volunteering at the San Francisco Center for the Book which has  been so amazing. I have been working with the PR staff and learning many things while earning credits toward free classes in letterpress and printing. What could be better? Not so much, I say...Also, I have my first volunteer spot helping out the folks at AIGA this week.

What shall September bring?

My September Goals:
  1. Finish up the paintings I have been working on.
  2. Work on the mini-book paintings and design.
  3. Continue reworking the blog in look and content. 
  4. Work on a Halloween invite for a friend.
  5. Gather ideas for prints for an Etsy page.
  6. Learn how to do and Etsy page.
  7. Rework the text for the mini book.
  8. Gather ideas for postcard mailings.
  9. Get those damned business card done.
  10. Start a mailing list. Any tips on creating one?
Here's to getting all of my stuff done! And cheers to you all for setting and meeting your goals for September, may it be an awesomely productive month!!!

What is the Meetup? It is a group of creative people who  "meetup" monthly to set goals and inspire each other to get those goals done. For more information on joining visit Liz at  athenadreams.


Lindsey said...

Good luck in September! I keep saying I'm going to start a mailing list, and I joined Mail Chimp to do so but just haven't gotten around to the rest of it yet... but I do recommend mailchimp as they seem pretty easy to use.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Yay Creative Empire! I must admit, I haven't had much time to participate there yet, but I know for the long haul it's awesome! And I agree with Lindsey, MailChimp rocks - and it's free (unless you send like more than 5000 emails a month...)

Anonymous said...

And good luck in September!

Cyn said...

I really like what you've done with your blog, Debbie. It looks great. To someone unfamiliar with painting, changing your medium sounds courageous to me. Good for you knowing what you needed to so to make it feel right. Hope September feels right all month long!

Cindy said...

Hurray for a medium change! I hope that continues to work well for you. Thanks for the tip about Creative Empire; I've got their page open to read when I'm through with my meetup friends!

Good luck on your September goals!

Tina said...

hey girl,
i like are the first blogger i know. good luck on the goals. miss you.


sarahstevenson3 said...

Mail Chimp is definitely worth it. Hope all goes well with September. Watercolor is beautiful and really great to experiment with.....I am sure your pieces will be stunning. Have a great September.

carolyn said...

I loved oils as well, but I think as you get working with the watercolors you will really enjoy them.

Good luck with your September goals!

On my way over to check out Creative Empire too!

Liz said...

You are So brave changing your medium mid-stride like that, and it sounds like it is working out great, so even better. Have a great September, and I look forward to visiting your Etsy shop!

{Sarah} said...

Hello! I just found your site through Liz's Meetup.

I paint (or painted) with oils too but there's no way i could have done it at home. It's just too toxic. The only reason I did use oils is because I had access to the paint studio through the University.

It sounds like we are in very much the same arena when it comes to our businesses. I just began a mailing list and, like Lindsey recommended, I used Mailchimp :) Haven't sent out my first newsletter yet but hopefully soon. Let me know how it works out for you.


bluehour said...

Thanks everybody...let's just say this will be an interesting month. Oh, and I did sign up for mailchimp, I'll have to find a spot on the blog for it.

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