Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Meetup

Ok...Well July was a crazy month...camping, birthdays, quests, getting together with friends, so busy with living life. I now realize SUMMER may not be the best time to start a business, oh well...
This month I got a lot of stuff started but not that much finished.  Here is how my July went...

 I am proud to say all my startup business stuff is done. I'm fully licensed and got all my bank accounts and everything done, I published my ads in the local papers (a requirement in San Francisco). It feel good that all if this is done. I just hope I haven't forgotten anything...

I've been getting the hang of the blog thing and have been getting used to writing more frequently along with putting more on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. It has been pretty fun watching how it all really works and getting more comfortable with finding my voice and speaking out. I did manage to change my blogger header and I think it gives a lot more color to the blog.

Although I haven't finished any of the pieces 100%...I figure July was a month of just getting some drawing done. I has been so long since I've had the time to just sketch/draw. .. I will be working on completing these in August.

Here are a few of my "works in progress":


August is here and I suppose my two months of semi-vacation/freelance transition is over. I'm ready to get to work and get even more completed.

My August Goals: 
  1. Complete all my paintings I've been sketching (I have about 15 ).
  2. Get better at completing paintings for Illustration Friday(Isn't it amazing how quick the week flies by?)
  3. Create some new themes on the blog.
  4. Continue doing more paintings for my portfolio 
  5. Find some volunteer opportunities (I'm starting out at AIGA and San Francisco Center for the Book soon). This will help me get to know more people in the real world and get me some new experiences.
  6. Find better Time Management Solutions. I still need to figure out a balance here.
  7. Continue looking for new stories to illustrate. Illustrate them.

I think that is enough for the next month. What do you think?

For those wondering about "The Meetup", it is a monthly goal setting group in which we all encourage to GET THINGS DONE! More info about joining up...here.


Lindsey said...

:) It looks like you have a full August, but you are off to a good start! I love that drawing at the Bus Stop in particular.

gaia• Illustration said...

Isn't it weird how packed summer gets? I never picture it that way, but every year...! Anyways, it sounds like you've gotten a lot done. Oh-- since you're working on new stuff you might want to find a local crit group? I recently found one through SCBWI and its been super helpful! http://www.scbwi.org/ for what its worth and in case you already didn't know:)

Pippin said...

I really like your goals of time management. I need that too. Seems like you are on the right path to volunteer. Great way to make connections. I love your cat illustration/painting. Keep up the good work!

bluehour said...

Thanks guys...It is gonna be one interesting month!

and the crit group is a great idea.

Liz said...

Sounds like you have a great month lined up Debbie... great job getting all the "paperwork" done for your biz, and now I hope you go on to be hugely successful! SFCB is a great place, I've taken a few classes there, and it is definitely a great place to make contacts. Look forward to seeing your new illustrations, and have a really really great August.

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