Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School?

Back to School Victorian Style via The Boston Public Library

I may be weird, but I love this time of the year. With everyone going back to school, it seems like a great opportunity to join in. It's as if everyone is given a clean slate to start something new no matter old you are, don't you think? And even though I'm not taking any classes this fall, it still seems like a great time to readjust and move forward. It's time to learn something new. What will I be learning? I'm pretty excited about making changes in my illustration world, learning how the world of publishing and editorial works and pushing myself out in the world more than I have before.

What new knowledge are you most excited about for your new school year? Anyone taking classes? I would love to find some new (and inexpensive) online illustration or design classes on line. Anyone have any recommendations?

Here's to learning new things. Enjoy the last few days of August!


roberto m. said...

Always is good to restart.
in fact, those who draw or paint, we should do it, not to repeat ourselves.
every day we must start something new, new creative experiences. is good!! :))
I loved this picture!

Debra Styer said...

Thanks Roberto! I am currently working on bunch of new things, forcing myself to go in new directions with my art. I will admit it is pretty scary at first, but it does open up so many new exciting possibilities!

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