Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Time for the November Meetup!

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I don't believe that October is over. must be time to crack the whip again. I decided that this month is going to be all about art. I know that sounds silly because all of my time should be about art, but it seems like days go by without me actually doing anything art like. I need to work on that.

Last month I was very happy to get my Etsy shop up. I added 4 new pieces am a slowly figuring out how the Etsy world works. You can check out my shop here.

I also sold my first piece on Etsy...Thank you, Paul!

Here is my November Plan:
  1. Get 10 more pieces done for Ladies & Gents series.
  2. Add these prints to Etsy
  3. Rework website...add banner and a link page.
  4. Rework blog...add handwritten bits & buttons, add more illustration.
  5. Start Nursery series... A Victorian inspired children's series. I would love at least 10 pieces done this month...if possible.
  6. Work on large illustrations for website/portfolio.
  7. Buy extra supplies for Holidays.
  8. Get business cards done. I would love to include one with each purchase.
  9. Research charities to get involved with. Does anyone know of any websites or organizations that connect artists to doing good things?
  10. Create a holiday card for family & friends.
  11. Research and experiment making necklaces/lockets with my artwork. Find suppliers.
  12. Start getting my Christmas shopping done(I don't want to panic this year)
  13. Remember to exercise!
  14. Get a better work schedule at the shop.
  15. Find time to help Ashley at Glob Paints.
  16. Research holiday fairs. Am I ready? or should I wait?
  17. Get involved with the SFEtsy.
  18. Remember to draw daily!

So that's my month. WooHoo! Hopefully I will get a lot done. I am looking forward to the holiday season. This is the first year I have anything to sell. I better get drawing. I hope you all have a successful and inspiring November!

I almost forgot. Since I am now on Etsy, do any of you have a shop you would like to share? I would love to see them. Just leave a link to your shop in the comments. Thank you!

What is the Meetup thing, you ask? It is a group of creatives that encourage each other each month to make and complete their goals. Join is an amazing to watch the progress of others and yourself...
Contact Liz for more info here.


Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

you have your work cut out for you this month! good luck accomplishing all that you can. I checked out your etsy shop - lovely! My shop is here:

sarah s. said...

great list for November....your shop looks fabulous. I will add you to my circle....beautiful artwork..have a great month.

bluehour said...

Thank you is gonna be a hell of a busy month(hopefully)...I banish my procrastination...

Thank you for checking out my Etsy site. I've added your lovely sites to my circle too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good luck with your November, that's some list :) I've added you to my circle - :)

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