Monday, January 3, 2011

The January 2011 Meetup is here!

I will admit December kind of sucked as far as productivity. My husband and I took a trip back east for Thanksgiving for couple of weeks and we came back and got sick. And Christmas happened, well let's just say I am very happy the holidays are over and I can get back to work.

I learned something really important(and a bit obvious I suppose) over the last month. It is that I can't do everything myself. I was trying to build a portfolio website and driving myself crazy. I soon realized I really have no idea what I was doing.  So I decided, through a few tears,  I am hiring a friend to help with all the coding and getting the website to run smoothly. What a relief.  It feels so good to let some of the pressure off  of thinking I have to be an expert in everything...

2011 resolution? Finding Strength in Myself...via this

So,  what is in store for January?

  1. Finally get the mini-book done.  The paintings are 99% done. I just need to photograph them and get them to work  in the book. 
  2. Rework text for mini-book and rework book layout in Adobe InDesign.
  3. Work on prints to sell on Etsy.
  4. Create an Etsy page.
  5. Create banner and logo for website.
  6. Finish new portfolio pieces and revamp some favorites.
  7. Perfect wording for website copy.
  8. I'm taking my first Letterpress Class at San Francisco Center for the Book.
  9. Keep improving blog, finding my voice and show more of my artwork.
  10. Get my work published in at least one blog/website a month.
  11. Mediate/Exercise/Walk daily!!!!
  12. Continue volunteering at SFCB.
  13. Take more pictures.
  14. Get out in nature at least once a month.
  15. Learn to use my time more wisely.
  16. Illustration Friday!
  17. Get website up and running....
  18. Start working on my own stories again. 
  19. Find new income streams and implement them.
What a great way to start off the new year. Yay! I hope you are all are also in a happy work mode. I feel really positive about 2011. I think it will be the year that everything comes together.

What about you? Are you feeling awesome about 2011? What are your biggest challenges for the year?

What is the Meetup thing, you ask? It is a group of creatives that encourage each other each month to make and complete their goals. Join is an amazing to watch the progress of others and yourself...
Contact Liz for more info here.


Liz said...

now that's some wise and brilliant thinking... it's so hard to remember that we can't do and be everything in our businesses... Hope your January is Super Awesome Great!

Pippin said...

That is quite a list you have for January. I like how you have non-art items on your list. I love the photos on your blog, very funny. Happy New Year!

Lindsey said...

:) Good luck with your goals in January, and don't forget to breathe :)

Cindy Jones Lantier said...

I am still learning the "can't do it all myself" thing, so KUDOS to you! Looks like you've got a lot on your plate for January. Good luck with it all.

I am also feeling awesome about 2011. Bring it on!

chantelle said...

That is one long todo list! I am interested to see what happens.

sarah s. said...

such a great list to start the new year...I too needed to realize what I could and couldn't do...I am hiring someone to redo my website etc. this will leave you more time to be creative and do the things you love to do....have a great month and love the photo

Candied Fabrics said...

Indeed, recruiting help is an awesome choice! Good luck in january, that's quite a list you have! :-)

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