Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Meetup

Ok...Well last month I promised myself I'd  do so much with my goals. My list was long and the month just flew by. So my success was minimal. BUT...I did manage to quit my job after 7 years to pursue my art. My last day was Saturday so TODAY is my first real day as a full-time freelance illustrator. How does it feel? A bit scary but really, really good. I don't feel the need to get everything done in one day as I'm used to. I feel like now I have the time to plan things out and really consider my next steps.

As for my May list, these are the things I did, and some I am still working on.

  1. Twitter background (not yet but working on it)
  2. Header for blog ( sketches done, starting finish today)
  3. Health insurance found (I'm going with Kaiser)
  4. I did a couple of paintings (one for a baby shower)
  5. and one for my friends company Glob . I call him "Globzilla"

I'm looking forward to having much more time to concentrate and learn about my craft. I'm really excited and ready for June. Here is what I'll be working on this month:

  1. Header for Blog
  2. Background for twitter
  3. Business cards printed (I'm so close, damnit)
  4. Start work on website.  One thing I am curious about, how many pieces do people have on their sites? Is there a minimum and maximum? Did you create a bunch of new pieces? 
  5. Create a painting a week... I need to get back into Illustration Friday mode.
  6. Try to get in a deep thinking mode about what direction I want my artwork to go...
I think that is good set of goals for June...Hopefully I will do better this month.

oh yeah, I also joined a couple of classes...art business(indiebizchicks.com) and illustration group/class (Flourish). I'm crossing my fingers for the best results with these.

For those who don't know what this Meetup thing is, it is a group of creatives helping each other out with advice and inspiration...More info here.  Everyone is welcome to join.


Lindsey said...

congrats on your new adventure, and the art you created last month :) good luck with everything!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the big move out on your own. Best of luck with everything.

Vee Patel said...

Wow I applaud you for taking that huge step to your ultimate goals & dreams. With motivation & determination, you won't regret any minute of it. I finally made the huge step in moving to a new blog with a new name. I've been wanting to make that step since last year so I'm excited for this big new change. I even designed my own banner so that was pretty exciting.

But a big good luck on this month's goals & don't forget to relax once in a while & take a breather. `=)

Cyn said...

Congratulations Deborah! I know that was a huge decision for you and I wish you the best of luck in your new "job."

I think you can start with just a few selections for your site and just build from there. It's better to get your shop online with a few pieces that you love, instead of waiting for the perfect number.

Here's to a great June!

Cyn said...

I wrote Deborah and I meant Debbie!

Congratulations Debbie!
You rock, Debbie!
Good luck, Debbie!


Liz said...

Cool Debbie! And congrats on your first week as a working artist! Good luck with everything, and please let us know how the 2 classes go... looking forward to seeing more of your work and as to website stuff, since I am re-designing mine I can say for sure that I did not count how many pieces, I just put my best work up, and didn't over-do. Less is mOre and people's attention spans get shorter and shorter... so...

Sandy Coleman said...

Congrats on going for art full time1 I wish I had the nerve. Good luck and much success. I love this very cute and colorful paintings.

Riki Zarris said...

Congatulations on your leap to running your own business I am inspired by your courage. Getting a twitter background uploaded is also on my to do list. I tried and failed. I need to ask a friend what she did she is a computer graphics wizard. If you have any tips let me know. Good Luck!

bluehour said...

Thanks Riki...I found this article about making a twitter background, hopefully it will work for the both of us.


Gaia • Illustration said...

Yay congrats on quitting! How exciting!
Re your website, assuming its a portfolio site (and not a shop site?): I did a lot of new work for mine. I wanted to have at least 8 cohesive pieces (ie in the same style, and ideally for each market I'm pursuing.) Anyways, I found this blog I think you'd find helpful: http://zero2illo.com/
See you over at Flourish...

carolyn said...

Good luck! It's a big leap to do this full time. I am doing the same and its scarey and exciting at the same time!

Laura B said...

Congratulations on your new adventure! I'm sure you'll egt into your stride in no time.

I started my website with 5 items, just to get something out there, and then added to it when I had new designs.

Good luck with all your June goals :)

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Wow !! Sounds adventurous and l love the feeling too :)
I always feel that I am too comfortable with what I have now..my job, working for the same company for 14 years. I always shout to myself ...I want change.
So glad to see you did it.

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